Hello, My name is Andy Swainston. I have set up this website and blog to raise awareness of PTSD within the emergency services, armed forces, members of the public, which can include carers or loved ones. One of the ways i’m going to do this is by kayaking around mainland Britain in June 2017.

A bit about me. I work for South Central Ambulance service as a clinical adviser with 111. Before this I was a frontline Paramedic for about 13 years. As a result of my time as a front line Paramedic I have recently being diagnosed with severe PTSD.

Before being a Paramedic I spent 13 years in the Army.

I believe PTSD has not being given the public awareness that it deserves. This is true of members of the forces that has been highlighted many times recently, but also within the emergency services, members of the public and also the forgotten ones who have to care for suffers whether its loved ones or just friends.

This illness is very real and can affect anyone at any time. Yes being in the forces or emergency services does increase the likely hood drastically.